In today`s world it is practically impossible to pursue a professional career and at the same time stay on top of the multitude of information which may be relevant to one`s portfolio. The ability to find and react upon the relevant information is a key element of the success of the investment.

Until recently, only investors with the largest resources would truly profit, and the comparatively minor participants had to accept this.
SIPA Property has put an end to that. By combining a multitude of clients´ interests, our advisors have gathered expert knowledge and insight which enable them to provide the everyday investor with services on a scale which was formerly reserved for only the privileged few.

Airport Parking

Airport parking is one of the most exciting areas in modern real estate investment. This is not just a coincidence. For many air passengers the highest cost associated with the traveling is parking the car at the airport. Over the last 10-15 years there has been nothing short of a boom in global travel, not least due to low-cost airlines, resulting in the expansion of the global network of airports.

SIPA has followed this development closely and has negotiated favourable rental agreements on airport parking lot units, with a guaranteed annual return at extremely attractive levels.

Investors worldwide are focusing on the need for parking space in large airports and with many car parks operating at almost full capacity on a daily basis this investment is proving to be very popular as well as lucrative. Airport parking is a low risk opportunity that provides higher yields than other traditional “buy-to-let” investments. The scale of popularity and the rise of interest in car park investments are exemplified by the global market size which is estimated by Colliers to be worth $12.6 billions.

SIPA Park&Fly offers even relatively modest investors the opportunity to purchase individual or multiple airport parking spaces within a purpose built long term parking lot which on behalf of the owner is run by an established airport parking company.

Each individual parking space carries with it the benefit of having its own registered title deed in the name of the owner or a firm.

Many clients will typically purchase multiple parking spaces. These can be purchased using just one land registry title deed, thus saving on completion costs on larger property portfolios.

Upon completion of the purchase the investor can opt-in to a 6 year management agreement of the car parking space(s). This guarantees a rental income for the first two years at 7% net per annum.

By agreement, the investor and SIPA Park&Fly can call for the management agreement to be ended after the second or fourth year, eg. for re-sale purposes.

On request, SIPA Park&Fly will at any time assist in re-selling the investor´s parking space (subject to a 5% resale fee) and will market the parking space at a minimum of 25% above the initial purchase price to potential owner/occupiers, business users and other investors.

This is a unique offer which SIPA Park&Fly are proud to be able to present to our investors.

We believe that most investors are driven to hold on to the property investment they have made and carry on receiving the rental yield produced for years to come. This means that only a very limited number of parking spaces per site will ever come onto the re-sale market, thus creating a high sales value and demand in the future.

Airport parking has proved a solid commercial property investment, capable of producing high-income returns and strong capital growth. Low cost investments of this calibre are in short supply and in very high demand.

Traditional Property

Investing in real estate is the foundation of solid and safe portfolio management. Not only does it provide short-term protection from volatilities seen in other markets, it also proves to be the most profitable investment.
The stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 Index, has yielded an average annual return of 10.3% from 1970 to 2016. The real estate market has yielded an average annual return of 11.42% when measured by the publicly traded REITS.
SIPA Property has excellent track records with leading developers and had financed 1200 properties by the end of 2017.
As with airport parking, we ensure that all aspects of your investment are taken care of. Should you wish to take advantage of the shorter-term opportunities through project investment or build a portfolio of rental properties, SIPA Property is the ideal partner.

How we work:

– We look for an undervalued property with a high potential for capital growth
– We identify a particular market niche and its precise location
– We partner with the best local developers who provide exceptional quality and outstanding value
– We negotiate bulk discounts from the developer
– We analyze the key market drivers of supply and demand
– We identify one single dominant that will drive prices upwards
– We increase potential profits through leverage and off-plan purchasing
– We invest heavily in the exit strategy

What we provide:

– Investments in emerging market economies with high rental yields
– Beginning-to-end service
– Low entry-level costs
– Maximum capital returns
– Guaranteed rental returns on selected developments
– Financing availability (subject to status)
– Exit/resale strategies


The success of any property investment relies mostly on location, location, location. We produce high-quality reports and research papers to ensure we can identify the most desirable emerging markets for financing. Our research analyses include numerous factors such as economic performance, infrastructure and amenities, tourism statistics, significant employment centres, and the local property market.
We have a number of local contacts with whom we work to ensure we only deal with the best developers in the region.
Once all necessary due diligence has been observed, the project is put to the investment board who makes the final decision on whether we will recommend it. We never compromise on quality in the design and build of the projects, with all sites built to European standard and all coming wih a guarantee on the build for up to ten years. We also have an excellent after sales package including an attractive furniture pack.

Our Partners


Rialto Developments Ltd is an international property development firm with offices in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Bulgaria. The company has committed considerable resources to identifying and developing unique building projects in Sofia airport, The Blac Sea coastline, and the Rhodopes mountain region.
SIPA Property has worked with Rialto Developments since 2006 and continues to strengthen the relationship and to expand the portfolio.


Bord Construction Ltd is a major Bulgarian construction company with just over 1000 employees, including a highly skilled team of design and construction professionals. The company specializes in large-scale construction of residential and holiday building complexes on the Bulgarian coastline. Bord Construction has a unique track record of completion of quality construction projects on time and budget for demanding end-users.

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